Friday, January 19, 2018

Saki Achiga-hen (Live-Action) Episode 3 Subs

This episode contains a lot of original material. It's more like a complement than an adaptation of the Achiga-hen manga. Normally, I'd like an adaptation to be more faithful to the manga but, let's be honest, there were things in the Achiga-hen manga/anime that were barely mentioned in the beginning, then turned out to be super important. So I think this is good in this case. Just kidding but an anime adaptation of this episode would be nice. ^_^

Done in collaboration between Dong Meu Quy Toc Translator and Akio Translations. This is the same file that has been released on nyaa.

Subs file:
Achiga-hen live-action 03

Happy watching.

Saki 184 may be ready in a day or two.


  1. Wow that was fast. Thanks!

    1. I have always felt that it's kinda a bad move to rush so much for the pre-national so yeah this is really a welcoming sight especially for Shizu and Ako. The coaching part tells us alot of their abilities before the nationals(probably to save time in the movie to not mention about their ability too much). Also always felt the irony of Nodoka ended up playing with Arata instead of the other 3 that has the intention of playing with her when they mentioned they are not going to join the individuals. Also congrats to Hatsuse for being a substitute instead of just a cheerleader(kinda surprise when I saw the preview).

    2. Yeah, I like what they did with Shizu and Ako and taking the time to show more of the team before the nationals. Hatsuse as well but wait to see next episode.