Monday, January 15, 2018

Saki Achiga-hen (Live-Action) Episode 2 Subs

Done in collaboration between Dong Meu Quy Toc Translator and Akio Translations. The same file will soon be released on nyaa (or has been released, depending on when you read this).

This is the subs file:

Happy watching.


  1. Thank you for the subs.
    Would you be willing to also sub the first season/movie?

    1. I think we should focus on finishing this season before we think of anything else.
      In any case, the 1st season of the tv drama was already subbed by some other group. I think it's only the movie that's not subbed.

    2. The movie was already subbed. And yeah it would be better to just focus on Achiga now as it took quite a long time before a sub came out for Saki. Thanks for the sub too.

  2. thanx for the subs
    lookin forward for 3rd , 4th and Sp episodes sub
    keep it up!!!!