Sunday, December 10, 2017

Toki ch17 & Biyori ch72

In page 7 there's something that shouldn't be there. I think it's an internal note someone forgot to erase. It says "poke". Maybe a pocket on Toki's apron?
EDIT: I've just checked and Mekimeki explained it on Twitter. A mystery pocket was drawn there. It was erased but the note remained.
Anyway, sharp Shin-chan is sharp:
Toki ch17 (Mega)
Toki ch17 (Mediafire)

A funny one about Himematsu:
Biyori ch72 (Mega)
Biyori ch72 (Mediafire)

I don't know if you've watched the raws but the reaction to the Achiga-hen dorama has been pretty great (after 2 episodes). Considering live-action adaptations are usually horrible, I'm glad Saki is one of the few that's actually decent, even good. I wasn't too excited about it when the first season was announced but then I watched it and it surprised me. And I'm liking this season too so far. I hope it gets subbed so more people can enjoy it. If not, I'd be willing to help with the translation as long as somebody else does the timing, encoding and everything else, essentially.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Saki ch182: On the brink

It's the end of the vice-captain match. I wonder what will it be next, captain's match right away or some flashback or other.
Attention: straightforward nopan shot on the first page (and big oppai on the second, but you can see that below).

The first episode of the Achiga-hen TV drama airs tomorrow in Japan. A full cast for Bansei High School was revealed just a few hours ago. Will Bansei feature more heavily than in the manga/anime?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Shinohayu ch50extra & ch51: A formidable opponent

This month's issue of Big Gangan had 8 additional pages to Shinohayu chapter 50, in addition to chapter 51 of course. They are all in the same file below. The extra pages go first, the story continues right were the last chapter left off, with Hayari's last hand. Then chapter 51 begins with the color pages. For the files of the extra pages, I continued the numbering of the previous chapter to distinguish them from chapter 51 proper. I hope it's all clear.

It's Chihi time!
Shinohayu ch50extra+ch51 (Mega)
Shinohayu ch50extra+ch51 (Mediafire)
By the way, since Chihiro seems to be wearing the Senriyama uniform on the cover of Shinohayu volume 8, I guess that means she'll be a long-term rival for Shino, all the way to the InterHigh even. Nice. I'm looking forward to a confrontation between the two.

To further explain the winning conditions in this tournament: if none of the schools have 3 wins by the end of the captain match, the school with the highest overall score wins the tournament, regardless of how many wins they have obtained. At the end of the vice-captain match, Komosawa has 187400 points and Yumachi has 175000 points, so that's why the 12400 points difference mentioned in this chapter is important. The other two schools are far behind (Himebara 62500 points, Hirefuri 55100 points).

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Saki chapter delayed

The Saki chapter that was supposed to be published tomorrow has been delayed until the 1st of December. According to Ritz, due to the coincidence between color pages in the upcoming chapter and the modifications in Saki volume 17 (to be released next week), it was not possible to finish both of them in time. Next up should be Shinohayu, then hopefully Saki.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Shinohayu ch50 & Ritz's blog update

Shinohayu reaches 50 chapters! as Hayari's vice-captain match continues. Also, Ritz has updated her blog. You'll find a translation below.
Shinohayu ch50 (Mega)
Shinohayu ch50 (Mediafire)
This is a spoiler for the end of the chapter and the beginning of the next, probably.
The match's winner
The chapter doesn't really reveal the winner but it should be Sachiko. In the last panel, Hayari gets her winning tile so she should win the round. She has closed tsumo, riichi, tanyao, pinfu and sanshoku. That's haneman tsumo, 6000/3000 points (Bonkohara is dealer). Enough to stop Komosawa from obtaining a 3rd victory but not enough for Hayari to win the match herself. The final score should be: Agou 36100, Mizuhara 35900, Bonkohara 35500, Aoto 12500 but let's wait on the next chapter for confirmation.
Here's a translation of Ritz's latest blog update. I skipped a few irrelevant bits, it's already long as it is.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Saki ch181: Exchange

Yuki is about to use her left hand...

Here is a couple of chapter notes and a comment regarding the end of the chapter. Hidden to avoid spoilers.

Chapter notes
 - Just a reminder, the Kokuma is a Japan-wide tournament that takes place some time after the Interhigh. Middle school 3rd years and high school 1st years compete together in one category while high school 2nd and 3rd years do the same in another category. That's why Yuki is a potential opponent to Izumi (but not to the other Senriyama girls).

- Kinue's "nice pinzu hand" in the semifinal was in chapter 140. A baiman ron on Davin, no less.

- Note that near the end of the chapter, Mairu is dealer and she just won South 4 so she could have stopped the match there if she wanted to, but she decides to extend it for one bonus round. If she wins, that's a sanbaiman on the captain match yes, but only if the round "South 4 Bonus 1" takes place. This can only happen if the last dealer wins South 4 and decides to extend the match too. If it's Himeko and she's losing, she will obviously do just that but if it's any of the others...

An interesting scenario would be if the last dealer is in last place by the end of South 4. Such a player would have nothing to lose by extending the match, so might as well risk it, but by doing so she may be blatantly giving the victory to Shindouji... unless someone blocks the Reservation which, as we know, is supposed to be an unblockable ability. That would make for an interesting end of the game in my opinion but we'll see.