Monday, February 27, 2017

Shinohayu ch42: Prefectural Tournament

When the end of last chapter (published a month ago) said the Prefectural Tournament was one month away, it was meant to be taken literally!
Shinohayu ch42 (Mega)
Shinohayu ch42 (Mediafire)

The tournament bracket in this chapter has been fully translated. As usual in Shinohayu, the names for the schools are taken from real life locations (but not real life middle schools) in their corresponding cities or towns. They belong to places like railway stations, shrines, parks, etc. By looking up these names in a map, it's possible to know in which part of Shimane Prefecture each school is located.

Probably, most of these schools won't play any big role in the story but just for completion here's a list of schools and cities if anyone is curious.

Shimane Prefecture is divided into 8 cities (shi) and 5 districts (gun). Each district can be formed by one or more towns (chō) and/or villages (mura). The two largest cities Matsue and Izumo bring two schools each. The other six cities bring one school each. The districts also bring one school each except for Kanoashi district which brings two (one from each town).

This setting clearly favors schools in lowly populated areas. I guess the idea is to have schools from every corner of the prefecture so everyone feels represented.

Shimane Tournament Bracket
Table A
- Hirefuri Middle (Masuda City)
- Akana Middle (Iishi District, Iinan Town)
- Iya Middle (Matsue City)
- Kushijima Middle (Oda City)

Table B
- Yasugi Middle (Yasugi City)
- Himebara Middle (Izumo City)
- Meragi Middle (Nita District, Okuizumo Town)
- Kuniga Middle (Oki District, Nishinoshima Town)

Table C
- Hoshizaka Middle (Kanoashi District, Yoshika Town)
- Fukuura Middle (Hamada City)
- Aonoyama Middle (Kanoashi District, Tsuwano Town)
- Yumachi Middle (Matsue City)

Table D
- Hinobori Middle (Unnan City)
- Tebikigaoka Middle (Izumo City)
- Komosawa Middle (Gōtsu City)
- Yakami Middle (Ōchi District, Ōnan Town)

*Cities (population)
1) Matsue (205,775): 2 schools (Yumachi Middle, Iya Middle)
2) Izumo (172,177): 2 schools (Tebikigaoka Middle, Himebara Middle)
3) Hamada (57,399): 1 school (Fukuura Middle)
4) Masuda (47,088): 1 school (Hirefuri Middle)
5) Yasugi (39,063): 1 school (Yasugi Middle)
6) Unnan (38,506): 1 school (Hinobori Middle)
7) Oda (34,628): 1 school (Kushijima Middle)
8) Gōtsu (24,121): 1 school (Komosawa Middle)

*Districts (population)
1) Oki (20,393): 1 school (Kuniga Middle from Nishinoshima Town)
       Okinoshima Town (14,480)
       Nishinoshima Town (2,950)
       Ama Town (2,328)
       Chibu Village (635)
2) Ōchi (19,117): 1 school (Yakami Middle from Ōnan Town)
       Ōnan Town (10,977)
       Misato Town (4,775)
       Kawamoto Town (3,365)
3) Kanoashi (13,810): 2 schools
       Tsuwano Town (7,548): 1 school (Aonoyama Middle)
       Yoshika Town (6,262): 1 school (Hoshizaka Middle)
4) Nita (12,792): 1 school (Meragi Middle)
       Okuizumo Town (12,792)
5) Iishi (4,948): 1 school (Akana Middle)
       Iinan Town (4,948)


  1. holy fcuk, that's a lot of details :)
    Thx for translations.

    1. I had to look up the school names to translate the bracket in page 19 anyway so I thought I might as well put all the info here :)