Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saki ch170: Sweets & Biyori 63

The Saki live-action movie opened yesterday. Ritz made a short blog post with her early impressions. In short, she liked it, even the movie original scenes and the modified scenes. She only regrets that some parts of the manga had to be left out due to time constraints but she understands. It would be hard to summarize everything here so I'll skip it. No answers to reader's questions or anything like that this time.

OK, so let's move on with the new Saki chapter. Teru's flashback continues, as expected. I must say I'm really liking this flashback so far. Enjoy:

and a Saki Biyori chapter: Usuzan's Story 3. The last issue said there would be no chapter next time but there was one anyway (?).


  1. Hirose motivates Teru almost the same way in which Hirasawa Yui was motivated to join K-on! :D
    Thx for transltaions, Akio.

  2. Thanks! Tanoshii~

  3. Thank you very much!!

  4. hey, thanks for the translation. I waited for the next chapter. Keep the spirit!!! XD