Thursday, October 27, 2016

Shinohayu ch38: Early Rising

As a curiosity, the town in the very first panel (picture below) is how Yumachi looks from the air. In real life it's called Tamayu-cho Yumachi. This is where Shino, Kanna and most of the main characters live. Hayari, however, lives in the city center of Matsue, a few km to the NE (30 min by public transport).
In the year 2000, Tamayu-cho had about 6,000 hab. but then in 2005 it was absorbed and became part of the city of Matsue (200,000 hab). At the time, many other towns and villages were also merged into Matsue. Today, the limits of Matsue-shi (Matsue City) cover a much larger area than just the urban area of Matsue. That's why the Yumachi girls but also Yue and Aina who live even farther away, they all participated in the Matsue City Tournament.

Shinohayu ch38 (Mega)
Shinohayu ch38 (Mediafire)


  1. Shino trolling of hayari is a piece of art.
    Thx for translations :)

  2. I just noticed how these chapters occurs about 15 years before Saki's main story, but middle schoolers already have smartphones. Was Japan that ahead in the mobile usage?

    1. The world of Saki and Shinohayu is a bit different from ours. Maybe in the Sakiverse smartphones were invented 20 or 30 years before the Saki main story. If the author decided that there are smartphones in the Shinohayu era of the Sakiverse then that's all we need to know.

    2. It's some sort of alternative universe where mahjong is popular etc. Also it may be some near future (main saki story).