Monday, October 10, 2016

Saki ch166: Chance Meeting

More plot development. Very interesting.
Saki ch166 (Mega)
Saki ch166 (Mediafire)
I added a few translation notes after the picture (behind a spoiler box).
Translation notes
  • In page 8, Fujita-pro mentions something called "kesshou league". Kesshou means "Final" as in the Final of a tournament. I translated it simply as "Final League" but I guess something like "Super League" or "Champion's League" or "League of Winners" or something like that would also be appropriate. Most likely, it's a high level tournament of some sort.
  • In page 10, the old woman says the surname of Saki's grandmother is アークタンデ  (aa-ku-ta-n-de). This is almost certainly in reference to the Norwegian surname Arctander so I translated it as such. However, keep in mind that until Ritz writes the name in romaji, there is no way to be completely sure. The same goes for the name of the pro player mentioned by the reporter Nishida: アークタンダー (aa-ku-ta-n-daa) which I translated as Arctandar.


  1. Thank you!

    After 10 years, 166 chapters, and 3 spinoffs, Ritz is still finding ways to extend the story.
    I am alright with this.

  2. Of all possible moments to have a 2-months hiatus :(

    1. Well said. Of course, I hope this means we'll see a good part of the next chapter focused on the actual meeting (which the title spoiled), without one or both parties walking away.

  3. Thank you! ;}

  4. Yeah, a plot!!!
    Thx for translations.