Saturday, November 5, 2016

Toki ch05 & Biyori ch60

Two new releases.
Toki ch05: Endurance. The match against Nogami Youko continues.
With HQ scans provided by a kind anon:
Toki ch05_v2 (Mega)
Toki ch05_v2 (Mediafire)
v2: changed Youko's line in page 154 (crushing her>crushing you).
Saki Biyori ch60: Kazekoshi's Story 7. This time it's a single story centered on Mihoko.
Biyori ch60 (Mega)
Biyori ch60 (Mediafire)


  1. I suggest you save the black&white pages as grayscale files instead of RGB; that about halves their filesize with no cost.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Actually, the b&w pages are indexed which reduces the file sizes even further but I forgot to set a parameter and it made the files too big. It's fixed now.

    2. That would require fiddling with the settings for every time a page has or hasn't color. Not worth the effort, if you are so tight on space or bandwidth read it from some recompressing manga site with their horrible watermarks all over the place.

    3. That's not true. Black and white pages never have a high color depth. Just make a batch action to export all pages as indexed with a 32 bit depth. It doesn't effect the quality of the page at all, and it makes the size small.

  2. cuuuuuteeeee. Thx for translations :)