Saturday, August 27, 2016

Shinohayu ch36: Kyouka 2

The continuation of the Kyouka arc. Enjoy:
Shinohayu ch36 (Mega)
Shinohayu ch36 (Mediafire)

In a new blog post, Ritz talks about the new school introduced in this chapter: Komosawa Middle. Since the planning stages of this manga, the 7 members of this team have followed a tortuous path inside Ritz's head, but she can't wait to introduce the remaining 5 characters. Go to Ritz's blog to see their color scheme if you like. Regarding Chihiro, Ritz says: "I'm afraid she came out looking a bit like Ako..."


  1. Thank you Akio-kun

  2. お疲れ様でした

  3. Uhh, already nationals next :D
    Thx for translations.

  4. Excellent release timing, Akio. This gave me a motivation boost in the middle of a tournament (which I proceeded to win with a big comeback on the next day). Thank you.

  5. Sorry I don't want to be annoying but will we get Biyori translations any time soon? Has biyori fallen to the bottom of the translation importance hierarchy?

    1. Biyori will be translated soon, probably within one or two weeks. Please be patient.

    2. All good. I was just starting to miss it.
      Take your time.