Thursday, July 28, 2016

Shinohayu ch35: Kyouka 1

It seems Kyouka will finally have a few chapters named after her. Two chapters at least, since this is number 1. At the beginning of the series, we had Shino, Kanna, Hayari and Yue. Now it's Kyouka's turn.
You will also notice that the scans for this chapter look different than usual. The resolution is practically the same but the image quality is much better. This month, Big Gangan started being released as ebook (in addition to the paper edition) and I suspect the raws are from there. So that's why.
Anyway, enjoy:
Shinohayu ch35 (Mega)
Shinohayu ch35 (Mediafire)


  1. Yes! Thanks Akio! I'm so happy for a Kyouka arc!

  2. Kyouka is a god.
    Thx for translations as usual