Monday, July 4, 2016

Saki Biyori 52-53: Senriyama 3 & Himematsu 3

Just so everyone knows, work on Toki has already started but it's 2 chapters, more than 80 pages in total, and it will take a few days before it's ready for release. In the meantime, Saki Biyori. A double chapter of related stories, Senriyama and Himematsu. Enjoy:
Biyori 52-53 (Mediafire) v2
v2: made a minor correction in one page.
ferret > Saku Ferreters (Fujita-pro's team) as it appears on the Professional Mahjong Cards. Nice reference there, Kiyoshi Saya.


  1. This was cute :)
    Thx for the translations.

  2. Hey, thanks Akio.

    That's a lot of pages with Shinohayu + Biyori + Toki.