Sunday, May 28, 2017

Shinohayu ch45: Learning to Fly

When playing mahjong, each player has his/her own seat wind, right? So if, let's say, the hand of the East wind player is going well, we could say that an easterly wind is blowing. Naturally, the same goes for the West, North and South wind players. So then if the hands of all 4 players were going well, all 4 winds would be blowing at the same time, canceling each other, which would be the same as if the wind had stopped, so to speak. Just a nice little analogy to keep in mind while reading this chapter, maybe.
It's not the main point of the chapter though, obviously. As the title suggests, the main point is about a little bird learning how to use her wings. ^_^

And now, it's time to fly:
Shinohayu ch45 (Mediafire)
minor change in page 9: one bonus > two bonus (mistake in the original)


  1. Heeey, flying Shino!
    Thx for translations.

  2. The bird~

    Thanks, from t/a/noshii!

  3. Thanks!

    45-09.jpg should say “2000 with two bonus = 2600”, not “one bonus”.

    1. Ah, you're right. That's a mistake in the original apparently. I'll fix it in a moment.