Sunday, May 29, 2016

Shinohayu ch33: Lieutenant Match

The battle between Shino and Aina rages on!
I like how Aina makes casual references to Shino's "ability" without actually mentioning it or making a big deal out of it.
Shinohayu ch33 (Mega)
Shinohayu ch33 (Mediafire)
I wrote a little explanation/analysis for the very last hand of this chapter. I think it helps understand the words and actions of some of the characters and increases the enjoyment (hopefully). I'm putting it inside spoiler tags since it obviously contains spoilers for this chapter. Please read it if you like:


  1. Thanks Akio!

  2. thx for translations as usual :)

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    Thanks a lot for the analysis of the last hand, too! Oh wow. …Now I feel a bit bad for failing to notice these details and linking them together on my own.

  4. Thanks for this chapter.
    On your analysis (since it's mostly aimed at people who don't play mahjong) i'll add that after her Kan, Shino discard the 3 of circles and says she can't win with it, because if would mean using one of the 1 of circles to make a 1-2-3 of circle, and thus losing her triple 1 or circle (and in the same time her sanshoku doukou (having a triplet of the same number, one being of each group)) so she had to go for the 9 Bamboo wait (she could have chosen to go for a 3 Circle single wait, but took the risk of being furiten is she had drawn a 2 of circles)

  5. Thanks for this chapter.

    dont know why, but i think that this battle will ended up with a draw..
    2 1st place for yumachi and 2 1st place for manbara... 1 st place from other school

    those first place for yumachi came from hayari and Kyouka..

  6. Thanks for the translation!

    Shouldn't the 2nd and 3rd images be combined for a double page spread?