Sunday, May 22, 2016

Saki ch159: Preparations

This is a nice chapter but unfortunately it's not much more than a draft for most of the pages. Ritz herself said this is the chapter that was "the farthest from completion". Let's hope the next one will have more ink in it.
Saki 159 (Mega)
Saki 159 (Mediafire)

On another note, someone asked me if I could provide a quick summary of Ritz's blog posts with chapter releases. Sure why not, Ritz reveals interesting things to her readers sometimes and her posts are rather infrequent anyway. There was a post just a few days ago so let's begin with that one after the break:

- Starts apologizing for the incomplete chapter and for a small problem with the drawings that are given as a gift when purchasing the magazine.
- The match for 5th place. Ritz introduced this idea during an anime preparatory meeting a long time ago (doesn't say which season), and it was poorly received. However, that reaction only made Ritz more determined to draw it some day.
- Mekimeki's new manga. It deals with several girls from Osaka during their elementary and middle school days. Ritz's contribution was limited to giving some notes in advance. Later, she was shown the plot, storyboards, drafts, etc but didn't have to ask for a single change.
- No replies to reader's questions this time because she has to work on the next chapter.


  1. Thanks! Tanoshii~

  2. Well, she has like 2 weeks for the next chapter, I expect it also to be half-drawn.
    Thx for translation as usual.

  3. Thanks as always Akio!

  4. Thanks for the chapter and translation of the blog post.
    Do you plan on translating Tokihayu when it comes out next month?

    1. I'm thinking about it. Possibly yes but Shinohayu will take priority and the Toki manga and Saki Biyori will be released at a slower pace.

  5. Thanks for the translation.

    Unfinished chapters are a common thing in this series. Most probably, there's either not enough assistants or not enough time. What baffles me, however, is that in page three there's a frame that shows the wall of a bathroom at the end, perfectly screentoned, and in the very same page the first frame has not even backgrounds.

  6. Hi, first of all, thanks for your work :)

    I have a question about the bottom text on the last page of the chapter "more details in Achiga-hen", did Ritz talked about more Achiga chapters ? or is there some other meaning in that sentence i'm not understanding ?

    1. Nope, she talked about achiga-hen manga, where you can learn about Toki and co a bit more.