Monday, May 7, 2018

Ritz-sensei's blog post 18.05.07

Ritz has just updated her blog and Himeko's winning hand is this:

San'ankou (2), Menzen Tsumo (1), Riichi (1), Dora (3), Uradora (3) and Red Dora (1): 11 han. If we also assume Haitei Raoyue (1), it's 12 han like the Reservation Key said.

The high out with the 9-sou would have given her Sanshoku Doukou (2) and Ippatsu (1) but removed 1 Dora and Haitei: so 13 han, a counted yakuman.

However, there's a problem with this hand! At the beginning of chapter 189, the announcer says "even one Uradora would have been enough", which implies Himeko had zero Uradora, but in the hand above she has 3!! I rechecked the original sentence and it's clear the announcer implies Himeko didn't have any Uradora. I also checked some japanese sites and anyone who tried to guess the hand is surprised because naturally everyone was assuming zero Uradora. So that's a contradiction that will have to be corrected in the tank.

After Saki Biyori ended, Kiyoshi Saya came up with 5 ideas for a new work. One of them was a new Saki spin-off and Ritz initially wanted Saya to do that one. However, the other 4 were for original works and Ritz thought that Saya would have more freedom to create jokes and stuff with an original work. So Ritz restrained herself and pushed for an original work. She's looking forward to it.

Tajihi Mayuko in the anime.
In the latest Saki cover, some pros (Hayari and Uta) have come to visit the peninsula of Izu. For some reason, Hayari is wearing her high school uniform. Also, Ritz confirms that the girl on the cover of Saki 188 is Tajihi Mayuko (who was defeated by Awai at the West Tokyo qualifiers). She went to Kyoto to visit her family home on her mother's side.


  1. Thanks for the TL! I guess I was wrong about
    Kyoto mystery girl being Saki’s mom. And it’s great news that Saya found new work.

  2. Thanks!

    Way to surprise us with that hand, Ritz.

  3. new Saki spin-off..

    was hoping for shiraitodai spin off

  4. Well that no uradora assumption/mistake really throws me off the loop. BUT THANKS FOR REVEALING THE MYSTERY TO US RITZ!!!! Looking forward to the new work too.

    And thanks for translating!!

    1. Also my final thoughts about Himeko's hand. Originally thought of this but I keep on assuming that she already had 12han including tsumo on hand, couldn't build this hand to 12han so I brushed it off. Now that I think of it, I never even considered the haitei to be the 12th han. That closed my case for this hand.