Sunday, August 27, 2017

Shinohayu ch48: Vertical Style

Kyouka vs Yui: the vertical battle. Kyouka's victory here is critical. The captain match will almost certainly go to Chihiro so Yumachi's chances depend on both Kyouka and Hayari winning their respective battles. But can Kyouka do it? And how strong is Komosawa's buchou really?
Shinohayu ch48 (Mega)
Shinohayu ch48 (Mediafire)
 Some random comments about this chapter:
- In page 17 when Mirin says "playing it tile by tile", what this means is Kyouka is playing each turn according to the tile she just drew, prioritizing tile efficiency (and thus speed) instead of having some specific yaku in mind and trying to aim for it.
- Hayari's long thoughts in page 18 is another hint towards her capacity to calculate things on the spot. In the previous chapter Kanna said "I bet Hayari could calculate this in a second by looking at the discards". Well, this is the sort of thing she can calculate in a second. We might see more of it during her match.
 - It seems the reason Kyouka calls riichi in page 20 is she's trying to make everyone fold. The reason probably is that with a 5-man in her discards, her waiting tile (the 2-man) seems like a relatively safe tile using suji, so she might be hoping someone will discard it. When Misaki calls chi, she shifts her draw to Yui (as it happens this draw is the 2-man) so with her call Misaki passes the hot potato to Yui. Yui suspects something's amiss and deduces the 2-man, far from being safe, is actually very dangerous so she holds on to it. A less clever player would have discarded it.
- Oh and I think in the last panel, the key word is "now". "Now" as opposite to "someday". Hopefully someday soon. ;)


  1. Thanks! T/a/noshii~

  2. Maybe I should try more vertical-forming of hands in my play, I usually prefed to go for more horizontal play since it's easier to form your hand, but it's hard to get to 1800 on for me, maximum I had was 1780 :(
    Thx for translations :)

  3. Thanks for the chapter + insight! It's too bad for Kyouka since I really like her, but I can only hope she'll find a counter later (and that Hayari can carry). The captain match will be super intense...

    1. Yes, I feel for Kyouka too but now she has a reason to train harder and improve herself. I don't know about the captain match though, Chihiro is too strong, I think.