Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ritz-sensei's blog post 17.06.22

Ritz has made a new blog post answering a few more fan's questions. Nothing radically important but some answers can be interesting or a little funny. Here's a translation if you are curious.

Comments and clarifications have been added in italics when necessary. Chihiro's color drawing and the trio of profile pictures are reproduced from Ritz's blog only to help illustrate the text. I hope that's alright. I also added a few pictures from the manga to illustrate some of the other answers.

Questions and Answers

- Shiraitodai's Yamada
I find it curious that people ask me about Yamada but not about the other four ex-members of Shiraitodai. But she has a nasty look in her eyes with that forehead. 
Yamada is the girl with the headband who was a regular at Shiraitodai before Teru arrived.
Yamada is not amused.

- Youko's birthday is September 19. Her blood type is A.

- The character designs of Terado and Ishihara are mine. 
Two of Shino's current opponents at the Shimane tournament.
Ritz previously revealed that some character's designs in Shinohayu are not hers but Aguri's. Most notably, Kyouka. Also, Rena. All characters in Saki and Achiga-hen were designed by Ritz (except Nanpo Kazue who was created by the anime staff).

- Breasts getting bigger → Preference or done unconsciously out of habit.

- The profile pictures (in Shino's phone) in chapter 43 of Shinohayu.
I drew and sent some sketches. Then I was told "they're fine like this" so they stayed like that. Actually, I also made one of Kokoro.

Chiyoko, Naoko and Kokoro

- The way Kataoka ends her sentences (djey) is because she can't say "daze", "dazo" very well. 
Ending sentences with "daze" or "dazo" adds force to what the speaker is saying.

- I arrange the progression, content and results of the mahjong matches all by myself. Since chapter 1. But for the other parts of the story, if I see something nice in the anime, live-action or spin-offs, I want to actively adopt it. Lately, I think the way Aguri-sensei draws Chihiro is so cute that I'd like to adopt it somehow. But no matter what I do, it's hard to make it look similar. I'll have to formally ask Aguri-sensei.
The cursor hover text in Ritz's blog reads: "Like this even at 28 years old".

- Have you ever been to Taiwan, Kobayashi-san?
No, I haven't. I haven't visited many countries in Asia, but I'd like to do so eventually.

- Who's the woman on the very right of the Melon Books special cover for Volume 16?
She's Nodoka's mother, a character introduced in that very volume.

- Author's comments on the magazine
Every day, I send whatever random thoughts casually come to mind, if any, to my editor. Then, from among all those, the editor chooses one suitable line and puts it on the next magazine issue.
Even if I was on Twitter, I would have nothing to say. Not much happens in my life since I live alone. The author's comments appear at the pace of one comment every two weeks, and I can't think of anything else to write.
The "ritzve" account is mine.
10 years ago, when Twitter started to become popular, someone I know helped me make an account but I really had nothing to tweet so it was deleted.

- Do you accept personal requests for drawing illustrations?
No, I don't. I'm serialized but it's insecure. Although just the other day I received an unusual commission by means of Square Enix and I drew a scene.

- Vague Rapide
It's the name of a pro team from Osaka. It was in my notes for the story setting.

- Dubbing → It's scary so I've never been present.
One time I went to a briefing meeting and they were doing a dubbing session, so after the meeting I went to take a little peek but it was scary so I scurried back home.

- Rules for the main story
Done on the early days of serialization in collaboration with someone from the Japan Professional Mahjong League, so they are similar.

- Drawing lots
Similar to high-school baseball. Then it is made so that neighboring prefectures will not be next to each other (in the first round).

- Interhigh rules announcement
Around October, the rules for the following year's tournament are announced.

- Kei's nurse uniform
Needless to say, she's not a real nurse. It's just cosplay. But she'd like to work in the medical sector someday.

- Momo in round 160 (page 5)
She's listening to late night radio and laughing when tears come to her eyes. She's writing a postcard to submit it (to the radio station?). Momo has also sent emails and faxes but once in a while she likes to write a postcard.
Why are you crying, Momo?

- Don't address Kuro-chan without an honorific. Did it happen in the anime and I didn't notice...?

- As far as possible, the entries in Takei's phone address book are written with a single hiragana character.

- Not even a single point of my original plan for the main storyline had to be changed because of Achiga-hen. I don't know why.

- Besides the four people I already mentioned (in another post), no one else has asked to do a spin-off.

- The choice of Senriyama (for the spinoff) didn't come from the editor, it was Mekimeki-sensei's idea.

- Chikako's panel division
I thought that perhaps it was too direct so when doing corrections for the tankobon publication, I used self-restraint and divided the panel. But the actual events happened in the same way as they did in the magazine version. 
Round 160, page 5. Chikako and Sawaya are seen sleeping (naked?) next to each other on the same bed or futon (see below). In the volume edition, the panel is split in two.
Too direct?

I have a feeling there are a few more questions left but we'll have to stop here.



  1. Yep, Ritz sure is squirrely when it comes to people she isn't close with.

    Thanks for the translations.

  2. Thx, quite interesting read.

  3. thanks for the info.

    i think people asking about yamada is because she is the closest to the watanabe, one of 5 person teru pick on Shiraitodai arc (ch 171. pages 10).

  4. momo write postcard to Radio DJ ... I see..