Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Shinohayu ch40: Individual Tournament

The Matsue City Individual Tournament and a hint about Sakane-sensei's true intentions. More on that on the chapter notes after the picture. Enjoy:
Shinohayu ch40 (Mega)
Shinohayu ch40 (Mediafire)
P.S: Ritz just made a huge blog post after several months of silence. I'll write a summary soon if someone is interested.

Chapter Notes
  • You might remember that in chapter 29 (page 29), Sakane-sensei mentioned Ondo Girls' in Hiroshima as the only middle school in the region to have a decent coach (an externally hired coach instead of just one of the school teachers). The bridge on the first panel of page 12 is the Ondo Bridge in the city of Kure in the prefecture of Hiroshima. Take a guess to which school Sakane-sensei went during her "vacation".
  • At the bottom of page 6, Wakana sort of apologizes after Kokoro says her future middle school (she's still in elementary school now) has a strict ban on cell phones. This is probably a hint that Kokoro will be going to the same middle school as Wakana. So what Wakana means is probably "well, excuse me for going to such a strict school".


  1. Merry Ritzmas, Akio! Thanks for the chapter, looking forward to the blog translation as well.


  2. Shine face on page 23 is beyond cute :)
    Thx for translations and happy new year!