Sunday, January 31, 2016

Shinohayu ch29: Middle School

A very complete chapter with a little bit of everything, including lots of new info, which is normal since we're at the beginning of a new arc, I guess.
Shinohayu ch29 (Mega)
Shinohayu ch29 (Mediafire)

After reading the chapter, if you're looking for Shizuku's first appearance, she's in chapter 2, page 19 (page 83 of the magazine) or Volume 1, page 101. Having Shizuku appear in an early chapter was a nice touch I think. I don't know if Ritz/Aguri had this planned all along or if they just took a background girl and made her into a supporting character but I liked it anyway.


  1. yaaaauuu
    new arc, finally

  2. pg 05, "I lost in (the) first round" missing "the"

    pg 27, "I am (an) adviser in name only"

    pg 30, "I don't wanna be (an) adviser"
    "being (an) adviser"

    pg 31, "you're (an) adviser"
    "being (an) adviser of club activities"