Sunday, August 9, 2015

Saki ch146 + Characters Tables

The recently published volume 14 of Saki contains several tables with characters data, similar to the ones that can be found in Ritz's blog site. The tables in the volume have additional information though. Most notably, there's a small bit of trivia for every major character and many of the minor ones too. Some of these bits can be surprising or funny so I decided to translate the tables, which I'm releasing now as a bonus to the chapter. I hope you enjoy them and the chapter too.

The new Saki chapter here:
Saki ch146 (Mega)
Saki ch146 (Mediafire)
The tables here:
09/11/15 update: the links have been fixed. Also, changed the ages of Kazekoshi's coach and Fujita pro to 23 and 25, respectively (1 year older each one). According to Ritz's blog, the published tables had this minor mistake.


  1. Yeah fucking awesome man, thanks a lot! May the bird ron your enemy.

  2. Woow thank you, you're the best!! :D

  3. The tables too? You're so great!

  4. Lol, it's getting more and more pic with every chapter.
    Thx for translations!

  5. I really hate the google captcha thing on here.
    Thanks for the extras, and the chapter though.

  6. You sure it's correct to call Nelly's country Sakartvelo? AFAIK while it's true that that's its official name in its native language, and I cite straight from wikipedia, 'According to the 1995 constitution, the nation's official name is საქართველო sakartvelo, with "Georgia" as its English equivalent.', meaning that in english it should be called "Georgia". What I find weird is that you have translated it like that while, according to the same source, in Japanese it was called "Gurujia" prior to last April and is now "Jojia".

    And from what I make from the newspaper article about that change
    Georgian are fine with their country being called "Georgia" (but not "Gruziya", as they have a bit of a hate for Russia).

    English version of the Gorgian constitution, where they stablish their English name as "Georgia":

    1. Nelly's country is written サカルトヴェロ "sa-ka-ru-to-ve-ro" in volume 14, that's why I transcribe it as Sakartvelo.
      If Ritz had written ジョージア "jō-ji-a", then I would have transcribed it as Georgia.

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  8. Thank you for the new chapter, and even the table as well!!!

  9. Looks like the links for character tables are dead.