Thursday, April 30, 2015

Shinohayu ch20: Nationals 1

Now that the girls of Yumachi arc is over, I can say that using "girls" in plural for the title was the right choice, in my opinion. The "girls" obviously being Shino, Kanna, Kyouka and possibly also Rena.
In other news, Shinohayu has equaled Achiga-hen in number of chapters. However, since the Achiga chapters had more pages on average, the total number of pages for Shinohayu is still way lower than Achiga-hen. I think it's about 1300 pages for Achiga and 800 for Shinohayu so far.


  1. We have some detective story here :O
    Nice job, Akio, keep going :)

  2. Thanks as usual for the chapter.

  3. Thanks so much!!!