Thursday, March 12, 2015

Saki 137 & Saki Biyori 33

A double release this time: Saki & Saki Biyori. This Saki chapter has some panels still in draft form, since apparently Ritz didn't have time to finish them. In a way, this a glimpse to how a chapter looks before its completion. Like looking over Ritz's shoulder while she's working. I wouldn't like this to happen very often but for just this once it's kinda curious, I think.

Saki ch137
Saki Biyori ch33


  1. Yay thanks~ dayoon

  2. (Not sure whether my comment was posted and awaiting moderation, wasn’t posted or was eaten by antispam…)

    Thank you very much!

    Just a few comments:

    In Saki, on page 13 (269) in “A point total that…” and on page 15 (271) in “Mahjong is a game that…”, the “that” is very weird. I’d change it to “such that” and “where” respectively. Even better, rephrase the first one: “With this point total…”

    The “If I do that, is it okay?” on the first page feels awkward too.

    In Saki Biyori, in Bringing In on page 4, is there a comma or full stop missing after the “next”?

    I think I might have noticed other things, but they were so minor I don’t remember them any more.


    Oh hey, I’ve just discovered /a/nons have scanlated all of the remaining chapters, and chapter 137 too! See for yourself:

    /a/ still has some relevant threads in the archive right on 4chan. 122171904 definitely seems relevant.

    1. The “If I do that, is it okay?” is on purpose so that the "okay" will be the last word and be partially hidden by the other bubble.
      "with these point total..." changes the tone of the sentence too much and wouldn't be a good translation.
      The "such that" or "where" sound alright but it's such a minor thing I don't think it's worth changing.
      Thanks for your comments anyway.
      And yes, I had already seen that the /a/nons scanlated the other chapters. It makes me wonder if I could just leave Saki to them and focus on Shinohayu.

    2. I think your translations are a bit better, but that's just me.

    3. Well, no one seems to want to translate Biyori, so if you can do it, please do it :)

  3. (…and _is_ awaiting moderation. But no, it seems Blogger glitched and it wasn’t posted. Sorry.)

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  5. Pls don't stop translating saki..

  6. Please keep translating! You're doing great :D

  7. Don't stop saki translation please, I'm prefer visiting your site than 4chan.